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I have always loved art and marvelled at how artists show the world through their illustrations leaving each person to understand it in their own way. I found my passion in designing my pictures really by chance, our much loved Cocker Spaniel became ill at the age of ten and I needed to stay at home with him so Fleur De L'amour was created.  The flowers are very time consuming as there are a number of stages to complete before they are ready to be used. I would first use a die cutter to cut them out, until the end of last year when I invested in a cricut machine, I  then crimp each petal  to give them definition, then they are  stuck together before the centres are finally added. They are then ready to work with designing them into the finished pieces. They really are a labour of love as they are very time consuming and delicate but I had the joy of my beautiful Benji  sitting by me for three more years while I made them, hence the name 'flowers of love'. I show most of my work at craft shows, I  have had a stand at the Cornwall Country show for the last few years, the Chatworth Country Show last year and the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre for the last three years, they are hard work but the enjoyment is immense. I, like other people this year, have had to try something new selling online through virtual events, this has proved to be a very different but enjoyable experience. I have a new dog now who sits with me while I make my flowers called Teddy but Benji is always there in spirit.

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